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Konstantin Weid is a designer and artist, working in the field of graphic and product design. He is fascinated by the relation between nature and harmony sensitively seeking for the perfect balance. The mathematical patterns in nature like the Fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio and other forms of geometry became the inspiration of his art. Konstantin Weid embraces both analog and digital technologies and uses both to realize his work. 

Through his studies as a graphic designer at the Academy of Communication, Konstantin Weid experienced the broad and diverse spectrum of colors and art at a young age. This was followed by studies at the Walter Gropius School of Design in Erfurt, where he deepened his knowledge in the areas of product design, interior design and illustration. During his design studies at the Nuremberg Institute of Technology he engaged in graphic design, product design and interaction design. He also created more than 20 prints for clothing during his internship semester at an international fashion company. 

He completed his Bachelor of Arts in Design at Nuremberg Institute of Technology where he explored the analogy of harmony related to the golden ratio in his bachelor thesis. Since his graduation in 2018 he cooperated with an architect until he founded his Studio for Design and Concepts and had participated in several exhibitions and fairs. Konstantin Weid’s work is driven by the belief that humans inherently find beauty in minimalism and natural elegance. His background in print, digital, industrial and textile design allows him to draw from a range of disciplines to create unique and engaging works.


Visual Identity
Concept Development
Art Direction
Editorial Design
Packaging Design
Print Production
Website Design
Mobile Design

clients | stations

German Red Cross
Roland Nörpel Architekt


Pepsi Max Design Award
PepsiCo (GSA), 2022

Start-Up Design Award
University of Bayreuth (GER), 2022

European Product Design Award
Farmani Group (HU), 2021

ADC Talent Award 
Art Directors Club (GER), 2021

Flyeralarm Design Award
Flyeralarm (GER), 2021

Arte Laguna Prize
Arte Laguna World (IT), 2021

OfG Design Award
OfG School (GER), 2020